a butt-kicking good time

I had plans to actually write a real, honest-to-goodness post tonight about how this week for some reason just KICKED MY BUTT, but instead of doing that, I’ll demonstrate the degree to which my BUTT HAS BEEN KICKED by just being lazy and posting pictures instead. It’s easier, takes less brain power, and is probably more interesting than me whining about my kid who threw up in my living room today (after throwing up on her entire outfit at daycare this afternoon) and how we’re probably not going to get to go see Santa tomorrow night and how there is only a week-and-a-half until Christmas and I have not wrapped a SINGLE gift and I still have about a bazillion gifts to purchase. MERRY FREAKING CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.

My pretty wreath:

Maggie is getting REALLY good at drawing. Oh wait, I think that was Dan who drew that guy:

Friday night at our house. It’s happenin’, yo. Try not to feel left out of all of the fun.
the cure.

Also, one last thing I wanted to mention: I got my ad check from October and made good on my promise of donating all of the revenue from that month to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. It was a whopping $26. Which, yeah, not that much, but actually $26 in one month? That’s kind of a lot for me and my meager readership. So thanks to everyone who click-click-clicked through my site!


  1. Jessa

    December 12, 2008 10:10 pm

    *gasp* Is that Little Mermaid I spot on TV?!? I haven’t seen that in years!!

    Totally digging the wreath, by the way. It looks gorgeous!

    Jessas last blog post: Slacker

  2. Jen

    December 12, 2008 10:12 pm

    @Jessa: Oh yes, that’s The Little Mermaid :) Or as Maggie calls it ‘Eeee-al!’ (Ariel) It’s all she ever wants to watch, besides Elmo. I did get her to watch a little bit of The Lion King this morning while I got a shower (she calls it ‘Simba’) but Ariel is her favorite.

  3. Anneli

    December 14, 2008 3:22 am

    Oh, what a pretty wreath!! :O And ZOMG @ The Little Mermaid!!!! I love Disney movies! …well, before they cut the songs and simultaneously started to suck, that is. But The Little Mermaid, man – that was the days of the good stuff. That was the first Disney movie I ever owned, and I had it up until a few years ago when the VHS tape finally conked out on me.

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