friday five!

psst, hey guess what? IT’S FRIDAY!

Friday Five – the theme is ‘Middles’.

1. What usually marks the middle of your day?
Lunch and Maggie’s nap.

2. From whom (or to whom) was your most recent middle-of-the-night phone call?
Gosh, I can’t even remember. A few months ago Dan got a phone call at like 1am that was work-related. Yup, he’s THAT important! heh.

3. On what social, political, economic, or moral issue are you in the middle of the road?
Most social issues I’m pretty middle of the road. Fiscally I am very conservative, but socially I’m a little more liberal (though by no means ‘A Liberal’!) Which is why this past election was an interesting one for me. Both candidates had things I agreed with, at least on some level, but also had others that I strongly disagreed with. So in the end, I had to choose the candidate that best matched my overall view of the world. (Or my ‘world view’, if you want to take me back to humanities class freshman year of college!)

4. How likely are you to give someone your middle finger?
heh. I’ve been known to do it occasionally, but it’s been a long time. Usually just joking around with Dan, but of course now with another pair of eyes in the house that DOESN’T MISS A THING, we have to watch what we do. I think the last time I did it out of anger was a few years ago when some jerkface cut me off in traffic. I don’t think he saw me, but it sure felt good!!

5. When were you last caught in the middle of a disagreement that really had nothing to do with you?
A friend of mine is going through a divorce and was asking me for advice on some things. I’m trying to stay neutral but still helpful and supportive. Definitely a challenge!

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  1. ella

    November 7, 2008 12:39 pm

    i’m glad i’m not important enough for 3 a.m. phone calls from the office! although i do have the type of boss who would do it just for giggles. happy friday =)

    ellas last blog post: Friday 5: Middles

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