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Yeah that last post is protected. I don’t normally do that kid of thing because… well, it kind of defeats the purpose of blogging, don’t you think? But in this case, to protect myself, I have to do it. But just DM me on Twitter or leave a comment here or email me and I’ll send you the password!


  1. crystal

    password, please? :)

    Oct 17 4:15 pm

  2. If you wouldn’t mind….I would love a password!

    Irenes last blog post: Good Morning!!!

    Oct 17 4:26 pm

  3. I’d like the password please.

    Oct 17 4:30 pm

  4. You’ve made me curious now, so I’m going to have to request the password. :) Also, re: your tweet about shaking and crying when angry – I do that too. And then my voice goes squeaky.

    (And, hi! I’ve been lurking for a while, reading your blog via RSS.)

    Oct 17 4:30 pm

  5. Nichole

    I am very curious, what happen???

    Oct 17 5:20 pm

  6. Hi! First time commenter (or?), long time reader…I will also request the password out of curiousity. And I love your blog and sense of humor…good stuff!

    Erins last blog post: Tossing and Turning All Night

    Oct 17 5:21 pm

  7. Edie

    Me too. Password please!

    Oct 17 6:14 pm

  8. password please? :-)

    Oct 17 6:49 pm

  9. Long time reader, second time commenting. Attention spiked!

    Oct 17 7:01 pm

  10. Long time reader curious for password? ;)

    Oct 17 8:56 pm

  11. what’s that password? I need to make a file for passwords, to calm my nerdy, OCD heart.

    Corries last blog post: Thank You TLC

    Oct 17 9:32 pm

  12. Long time reader and occasional commentator . . . but very curious now!

    Lashas last blog post: Flashback Friday: Arts and Crafts Edition

    Oct 17 10:07 pm

  13. I can’t believe I just wrote “commentator” . . . SHEESH!

    Oct 17 10:08 pm

  14. Jennifer

    I’d like the password please.

    Oct 17 11:34 pm

  15. Please send it to me if you wouldn’t mind :)

    Lauras last blog post: nose knows

    Oct 17 11:37 pm

  16. Athena

    password please.

    Oct 17 11:39 pm

  17. Leslie

    password please :)

    Oct 17 11:52 pm

  18. san

    May I have the password as well?
    I am a fairly new reader, so it’s ok if you don’t want to give it out to “everybody”…
    just thought I would ask ;)

    P.S. I am back online.

    sans last blog post: Back online

    Oct 18 12:20 am

  19. Me! I want!! Please? :)

    Sandys last blog post: so ronery

    Oct 18 1:22 am

  20. Jumping on the crowded bandwagon to get the password :)

    Oct 18 1:25 am

  21. May I have the password too? :)

    Michelles last blog post: Friday 5 for October 10: Ties that Bind

    Oct 18 5:42 am

  22. I’d also like the password, please. I swear I used to have it, but it might have been from, or maybe you changed it, or maybe I am just CRAZY. Heh. Anyway, THANKS!

    Oct 18 8:59 am

  23. Caroline

    I’d like the password as well, thank you very much! :)

    Oct 18 11:26 am

  24. I’d like the password too, please :)

    Oct 18 12:26 pm

  25. dying of curiousity… I’d like the password please?

    Janes last blog post: Blog Action Day

    Oct 18 1:13 pm

  26. mel

    May I have the password please? :D

    mels last blog post: Friday5: Whoooooooo?

    Oct 18 1:19 pm

  27. Kellie

    Can I have the password too please?

    Oct 18 1:42 pm

  28. Gina

    May I have the password please? :-)

    Oct 18 3:29 pm

  29. Heather

    I would love the password :)

    Oct 18 8:03 pm

  30. I’m curious now! Password, please?? :)

    Jenn Ws last blog post: Precious Anna

    Oct 18 8:13 pm

  31. I am very curious:) Password please?

    Jenns last blog post: What I Want

    Oct 19 12:27 am

  32. Sorry, I’m just catching up on this weeks posts — password, please?

    Oct 19 5:20 pm

  33. Jennifer

    Hope everything is ok! Password please?

    Oct 19 6:47 pm

  34. Amy

    Password for me too please!

    Amys last blog post: Someone to tell me I’m beautiful

    Oct 20 8:34 am

  35. Can I have the password?

    Ginas last blog post: I Hate It When Vacation Is Over

    Oct 20 2:16 pm

  36. Password? pretty please with sugar on top.

    Carlas last blog post: Excuses, Excuses

    Oct 20 3:59 pm

  37. I wanna read. I wanna read. Well, unless it is about something strange like cannibalism. Then, I totally don’t.

    Oct 20 4:03 pm

  38. Fairly new reader= very curious. :)

    Keelys last blog post: Zoe Says:

    Oct 20 6:56 pm

  39. sparkyd

    Yeah, a little late, but very curious. ;)

    Oct 22 8:51 pm

  40. Jen

    Long time reader (though just now catching up)
    1st time commenter
    Password, pretty, pretty, please?

    Oct 23 9:45 am

  41. Well, let me join in and send the password, please. I’m kind of worried after reading one of your more recent posts. Hope all is ok. More importantly, love the new do! :)

    Oct 24 11:16 pm

  42. Late, but, password?

    Oct 26 2:44 pm