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cop-out Friday!

I’m gonna start doing the Friday 5 meme because seriously? By Friday? MY BRAIN CAN’T HANDLE MUCH ELSE. Especially this week.

1. What’s your favorite orange-colored food?
CHEESE! Cheese, Cheese, and More Cheese.

2. What’s the best way to drink orange juice?
um… from a glass? I’m confused.

3. Which candy’s orange-colored pieces taste best?
Peach rings are orange, right? Then I say Peach rings! And if that doesn’t count, then maybe Skittles?

4. What are your feelings about orange soda?
I feel that it is waaaay too sweet for me.

5. When did you last wear an orange item of clothing?
Oh wow… um, I have no idea. I do have an orange yoga t-shirt, but I haven’t worn it in a few months (*cough*MUFFINTOP*cough*) I honestly don’t think I have any other orange clothing.

Have a fantabulous weekend, everyone!!


  1. mmm…peach rings – I love those too. I clearly am obsessed with peach candy.

    Ginas last blog post: I Love You Guys!

    Sep 5 4:10 pm

  2. mel

    OJ – Pulp? Or no pulp? :)

    Sep 5 4:32 pm

  3. Jen

    @mel: hm, that would make more sense, I guess :) I say NO PULP. Plus Calcium!

    Sep 5 4:39 pm

  4. First time visiting here.

    I love cheese! Now why didn’t I think of that? LOL. Happy weekend! :-)

    popsicles last blog post: Friday 5: Orange

    Sep 6 12:54 am

  5. Jen

    @popsicle: I ask you: Can you ever have ‘too much’ cheese? I say no.

    Thanks for visiting!

    Sep 6 8:47 am

  6. I’m too late to do this one but yum. Orange Skittles!

    Jamies last blog post: It’s a conspiracy I tell you!

    Sep 6 11:16 am

  7. Great meme. LOVE all that is orange. My car is orange, purse is orange, favorite accessories are orange…. drawing the line at tanorexia.

    sheasys last blog post: Move Fast Like a Bunny

    Sep 6 8:17 pm