boats and fireworks and kitties

Well hello there! Thought I fell off the face of the earth, didn’t you? Nope. Just a weekend filled with Lots of Fun and also giving away kitties. Basically from Thursday night until Sunday night, we didn’t stop. So yesterday? We were EXHAUSTED. And not just because Maggie woke up at 5:15, only to ‘take a nap’ at 7am. ahem.

I worked on Friday (Bad, Crappy, Terrible Day filled with Much Stress from A Client Who Shall Remain Nameless.) Then I picked Maggie up from daycare, and we went straight to get Dan from work so we could go to his Grandma’s house. We were taking her to dinner, partly because hey! Grandma points! and partly (mostly) because her sister passed away a few weeks ago and we thought some Maggie-time would do her good. And Dan’s grandma is tons of fun, not your typical Grandma at all, so it was a great night. We got home a little past Maggie’s normal bedtime, but she was a good girl and went right to sleep and slept all night. yay!

Saturday was A Big Day. We had plans to go to Skyblast with Dan’s parents and my mom (my dad decided to sit this one out, party pooper!) It’s basically a Pirate game and a concert, followed by awesome fireworks. We skipped the game and concert and spent the afternoon on Dan’s parents’ boat instead. We headed to Station Square, where we hung out for a while and then had dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack. It was also Dan’s dad’s 55th birthday (though he kept telling people it was his 35th birthday, because that’s just how he rolls) so there was a big to-do at dinner about that. Maggie ate about 2 pounds of mac-and-cheese, and ended up with a pound of cheese on her face, and my mom and I split a delicious dessert and it was tons of fun.

Daddy and Maggie


After dinner we headed back on the boat for the fireworks. I had NO IDEA what to expect from Maggie- she’s seen fireworks before, on the 4th of July, but we were pretty far from them so the noise wasn’t too overwhelming. This time, we were practically underneath them in the boat on the river, and we knew the booming would be so loud. And it was- you could FEEL the fireworks, it was so awesome. And you know what? The little stinker SLEPT ALMOST THE WHOLE TIME. She was awake for the first segment (they split the fireworks up into about 5 or 6 parts, in between songs at the concert, so we just hung out on the boat in between) and even when she was awake, she didn’t even flinch from the noise. Then she passed out on me and that was it- no screaming, no crying, no needing to gun the engine to take the boat up-river away from the booming. Amazing.

(Of course, after the fireworks were all over, the guy in the boat next to us started the engine, and THEN she jumped and woke up. Goofy kid.)

We had so much fun, Maggie got lots of Grandma and Grandma (two Grandmas in one day!) and Pap Pap time, the weather was perfect, it was just a great day. We didn’t get home until 1am, but Maggie handled it like a champ and we all slept until 9:30 the next morning.

On Sunday we took Gracie over to Dan’s uncle’s house– a 45 minute drive and Gracie HATES the car so it was interesting. But thankfully when we got there, she seemed to do okay. She didn’t freak out and hiss and run and hide anywhere, so that was great. She even let Ed pet her a bit, which was shocking to me (she’s always been very afraid of strangers, especially male strangers) I was a little upset at our house before we left when I was packing up some toys and things for her, but once we got there, I felt better, seeing how she did with him. And yesterday they sent an email ‘from’ Gracie (too cute!) telling us that she was doing pretty well, she ate and did some ‘litter stuff’ and was staying in Ed’s bedroom. She’s still not sure about the other kitty (some hissing about that) but she ventured out from under the bed and let Ed pet her last night, so that’s great progress.

The sad thing on Sunday was when we ran into my sister’s mother-in-law at the grocery store on the way home. (She’s the one who offered to take Scotty for us.) She told us he wasn’t doing very well. He seemed really depressed, wasn’t eating or drinking much, and kept hiding with his face in the corners. It just broke my heart to hear that- I thought that out of both cats, he would be the quickest to adjust! So Sunday night was rough for me. I felt so guilty and couldn’t stop thinking about him all night, even after I went to bed. I kept thinking Did we do the right thing? Even though I KNOW we had to do it. So I cried a little bit- nothing like crying yourself to sleep over cats.

Yesterday Maggie and I stopped by to visit Scotty, and he seemed to be doing better. He came right out when I called him, and even ventured out into the yard all on his own. We pet him, and Maggie gave him kisses. I think the hardest thing for him is the lack of people during the day- for 2 years, I’ve been home just about every day with him, and he is an Attention Whore so now that it’s just him and 2 other cats, I think it’s a shock to him. It seems like the cats are getting along at least, so hopefully once he gets used to everything else, he’ll be okay.

So that was our weekend. INSANELY BUSY, but insanely fun too (except for the kitty part, that was mostly sad.) It took me all of yesterday to get my bearings, with energy and cleaning up the house a bit and work stuff. This weekend? We’re sticking around the house! I think we need it!


  1. janet

    August 19, 2008 10:41 pm

    I’m sorry about the kitty sadness. I’m not sure if I ever wrote you about it but we’re having cat issues too. It’s really hard. Maybe with a little more time he’ll adjust? If you ever want to email me about it I’m sure we could share lots of stories. Good luck!

  2. Burgh Baby

    August 20, 2008 8:39 pm

    You may not have slept or even had time to breath, but it sounds like you did have a fun weekend. That’s all that matters!

    BTW, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a photo of a kid who was DRY at Station Square. Well done!

    Burgh Babys last blog post: Justifying a Future Purchase FOR REALS

  3. Jen

    August 20, 2008 8:49 pm

    @Burgh Baby: heh well you didn’t see her pant legs- they were pretty much soaked :) She figured out how to stomp in the puddles and she had quite the time with that.

    There are more pictures on my Flickr account, they’re Friends and Family only… why are you not on Flickr, woman??

  4. Sara

    August 23, 2008 10:42 am

    Sounds like you had a good time, regardless of the kitty sadness. :(

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