and I don’t think they tripped over any cat hair tumbleweeds!

I was all set to write a great, long post about our visit with Melissa and her family on Saturday, but she beat me to it! I have to say, I blushed a little bit at all the nice things she said about me. Y’all? I AM NOT THAT COOL. In fact, I am nearly 95% Nerd, but if Melissa thinks I’m cool, I’ll just let her go on believing that ;)

Melissa is a sweetheart. Which I wasn’t too surprised about- we have been ‘blog buddies’ for a long time and have exchanged emails about everything from jobs to babies to just whatever. So I was pretty sure she would be awesome. But the reality of meeting someone you feel like you’ve known for so long, but you haven’t REALLY known them in the traditional sense of looking at them face-to-face… it’s a little scary! In fact, I was shaking a bit as I stood at the door, watching them unload Oliver from the car. What if this day is a horrible disaster?

I didn’t need to be nervous though, because just like Melissa said, after the initial hellos and introductions to the husbands and hugs! it was very relaxed and we had a great afternoon. It was a huge bummer that Stephanie wasn’t able to make the trip in the end, because poor Heidi caught The Sick (DAMN GERMS) but we’d like to try to get together again in a few months when the weather is nicer, so hopefully it will work out that time.

Maggie and Oliver got along great. Melissa was of course mortified and apologetic when Oliver swatted at Maggie a few times, but honestly, we didn’t think twice about it. That’s what kids do sometimes, and Oliver is still very young so it’s hard to teach them about that stuff yet. And Maggie didn’t even notice, I don’t think! She was too busy charming her new friends. We ate and chatted (mostly about the kids, because that’s what parents do!) and even took a few pictures. We tried to get some of us holding the kids, but it only sort of worked. They’re wiggly little buggers!

Melissa also brought presents! And cookies! And presents! She remembered a long time ago that I posted a link to these Nerd ABC cards on my feed. So what did she do? SHE BOUGHT THEM FOR US. And also a set of adorable little barrettes for Maggie, and a little fabric cupcake toy that looks good enough to eat. AND- she got ME something: a really cute business card holder, since I’m all young-urban-professional (okay, so not so much young or urban… or even very professional. But I do have lots of business cards to file!)


I felt a little bad because I didn’t have any gifts for Oliver or Melissa, but she assured me that it was just fine, since I was the hostess. What can I say? SWEETHEART.

I think our poor husbands even enjoyed themselves too. I don’t think Dan was sure what to think when last month I brought up the idea of inviting complete strangers into our house. For me, it wasn’t as strange since I knew a little bit about Melissa and her family before they arrived. But all Dan knew was that their faces were plastered on our fridge in the form of a Christmas card, and that they had stayed in the same honeymoon suite as we did in the Outer Banks (How WEIRD is that coincidence?!??) But he was a good sport and played along, and after they left for home, he agreed that everyone seemed to have a good time and that they are a very nice couple.

So the day was a success! And now that I’ve broken the ice on meeting my first Internet Friend, it makes me excited about the possibility of meeting more of you. Perhaps our own version of BlogHer, without the high price-tag, fancy hotel, or tech-talks? Maybe just a ‘Bring yourself, any kids or husbands/boyfriends, and even pets’ kind of thing? With lots of food of course. Gotta have food. Kind of a fun thing to think about!

Either way, I definitely think I’d like to get together with Melissa again. It was fun!



  1. Laura

    February 25, 2008 2:28 pm

    Is that what parents do? Chat about their kids? I always feel bad about it… like nobody wants to hear how cool my kid is. (Blog is different – if you dont feel like reading, away!)

    I wish my husband would go for a meetup type of thing. He plays online games for hours with online friends, yet he won’t even make a myspace or facebook page because he “hates people”. Hm.

    Laura’s latest blog post: the real aviator

  2. janet

    February 25, 2008 10:31 pm

    so so fun! you and M are adorable together. I would totally host a mini blogher, though I’m not sure my location is very convenient…

    janet’s latest blog post: up to

  3. Jen

    February 26, 2008 7:58 am

    @janet: Yeah but it’s probably the most interesting! Western PA is pretty boring, heh ;)

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