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such a busy girl

So I think we’ve figured out why Maggie wasn’t sleeping well for the last week or so. She was busy reaching about 6,743 milestones.

  • She now pulls herself up to stand on things. (and promptly falls on her head sometimes)
  • She cut 2 teeth.
  • Her ‘vocabulary’ has grown from ‘da’ and ‘ba’ to ‘da’, ‘ba’, ‘ma’, ‘na’, ‘ya’, and this weird hissing sound she makes when she’s excited about something. (We’re thinking maybe she speaks Parseltongue? heh)
  • She can hold her own bottle and feed herself for a little while, before she gets distracted and just wants to play with it. Mommy has two hands again!
  • She suddenly mastered feeding herself little food- like those puff cereal things. Before she would only sometimes make it in her mouth, but now they all make it and she chomps them down like champ.
  • She gives kisses. And we all melt into a puddle of goo.
  • She does this ‘Ta-da!’ thing with her arms up over her head and grins really big, like ‘Look how awesome I am!’

Yes, sweetheart, you are awesome. And even just a little bit more now that you seem to be back on track and our little 10-12 hour sleeper is back! Two nights in a row… let’s make it three, hm?


  1. How old is she now??

    Mine is 5 months old on Thursday!

    Dec 23 11:42 pm

  2. Sunshine

    Merry First Christmas little Maggie! So fun to watch them grow, isn’t it?

    Dec 24 12:42 pm