Our weekend away went very well. Maggie was her typical angelic self (I know we are going to get paid back for her goodness someday. She might be an easy baby, but when she’s 13 she’ll probably be a nightmare!) and she slept great both nights and didn’t seem to mind that she wasn’t in her crib at home. She flirted and charmed and was generally a happy camper. We had a nice time with our friends and Girl’s Night Out rocked. I had a Margarita and got very chatty and ramble-y and was talking with my hands a ton after just a few sips (I don’t drink much at all and I was hungry so it went STRAIGHT to my head!) The boys even survived watching all the kids for a few hours, and when we pulled up the house after dinner, they were all out in the front yard with the babies and kids. It was very cute.

We stopped to visit my college roommate and her husband on the way home too. They hadn’t met Maggie yet, and we hadn’t seen them since Christmas, so I was so excited! They are the kind of friends who you can go months or even years without seeing, and then just pick right up where you left off. Which we did- about 30 seconds after walking into their house, we were totally cracking up about life and marriage and each other and it was just so much fun. We really wish they lived closer (it’s about 2 hours to their house) so we could see them more often.

Maggie had her 4-month doctor’s appointment yesterday, complete with shots. Which of course she HATED, not surprisingly. The appointment was right in the middle of her naptime (which I didn’t know 2 months ago when I scheduled it!) so she was a little cranky already when the doctor was checking her out. Then we had to wait in the room for about 15 minutes or so for the shot-lady, during which time she fell asleep on the exam table. So we had to wake her up to give her the shots (2 in each leg). Just imagine how mad you would be! She finally calmed down in the car and passed out for about an hour or so after we got home. She seemed okay after that, smiling and talking to me, but her legs were still sore at the spot where she got the shots, and when I picked her up, she would cry a bit.

But! The appointment was good- the doctor says she’s doing great, growing at the same rate as before. She now weighs 12lbs 10oz and is 24 inches long. Still a little thing for her age, but she’s got lots of leg chub and knee fat :) I think I’m going to hold off still on starting any kind of solids, which the doctor said was fine. She’s still young and formula seems to be keeping her satisfied (she slept 11 hours on Sunday night!) so in my mind, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Other than that, I’m getting extremely busy with work. Meeting last night, meeting tomorrow morning, 2 meetings next week. My ‘work’ day while Maggie is at daycare has turned into my day for meetings, so I’m having trouble finding the time to actually DO the work that comes about after these meetings. But I’m hanging in there. She’s starting to settle back into taking a nice nap in the afternoons again, so that’s been helping. Tomorrow my cleaning people start (YAY!) and honestly, not having to worry about cleaning my house is already lowering my stress level.

Just a side note: 1 year ago today, we learned that Maggie would be joining us in our family.


  1. Jamie

    August 1, 2007 9:54 am

    Ooh, cleaning people. Can you send them my way?

    Awww, I’m sorry Maggie hurt after her shots. How is she doing today?

  2. janet

    August 1, 2007 7:27 pm

    I was actually thinking about your earlier, and I thinkt hat hiring cleaning people is a good move. Simply mathematically speaking, it’s less expensive than day care, marriage counseling, divorce….etc. Not that you are in any danger of getting a divorce, but you see what I mean, right? It’s cheaper than other things that would either mitigate the problem or would be needed down the road in some kind of worst case scenario. It’s an investment in your family!

  3. Jen

    August 1, 2007 8:24 pm

    Janet: I totally agree :) I did feel a little bit guilty today when I was sitting on the couch while the ladies cleaned for me. I was working on the laptop of course, but still! It just felt weird… but I think I can get used to it! I got so much work done today, that tomorrow I just have to finish up laundry and things and spend some time playing with Maggie :)

  4. melissa

    August 2, 2007 1:27 pm

    Yay for Maggie doing so well on her first overnight stay!

    If your cleaning ladies are ever interested in some charitable nonprofit work, send them over to my house… haha :D

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