maybe it will increase my productivity by 1,000 percent

After much hemming and hawing and researching and going back and forth, I finally ordered a new laptop.

For the last year or so, Our Dell laptop (which is only 2 1/2 years old) has been a nightmare. It’s been overheating, causing the processor to overload- not to mention burning up my legs while I’m working. Last summer we had to replace the motherboard twice and Dan basically had to rebuild it- and we didn’t even own it yet! (we were leasing it rather than dropping 2 grand on a computer back when Dan was still in grad school) So it’s been a long year dealing with this thing. In between Blue Screens of Death and randomly shutting off and not recognizing the memory at random times, it’s been running soooooo slooow (it will sometimes be 10 words behind me while I’m typing an email) And apparently it’s a known issue with the model we have- there’s even a class action suit about it.

So since we finally paid off the lease last month, of course it started acting up even more! GRR. Note to self, and all of you: Beware of Dell. Not only did they sell gazillions of these knowing they had issues with the fans and overheating, but they were IMPOSSIBLE last summer when we first contacted them about it. We talked to about 10 different support people who DIDN’T SPEAK ENGLISH. Then some lady called Dan back trying to convince us that it was our fault, because we didn’t buy the extended warranty. Yeah- that’s what made their product crappy. Not buying the warranty. Then she hung up on him. !!!!!!
So it’s time to move on. And since I need to start getting work done efficiently (like, in between Maggie’s naps and feedings!) we decided to break down and get a new one. You know, “For the business!” (that’s what Dan kept telling me, at least) We’ve had an HP Pavilion desktop since college and it’s been great. We replaced the hard drive in January for less than $100 (the old one was amost 6 years old which is ancient for hard drives) but other than that, it’s been fine. So I’m giving the HP laptop a try. Hopefully it’s awesome. It looks like it! It’s pretty and has a number pad and a webcam and a LightScribe DVD burner! It doesn’t take much to please me… and hey- we got a free printer scanner copier too! I’m in nerd heaven!


  1. Claire

    June 30, 2007 10:25 am

    Jen, I’m hearing you on the subject of Dell. My partner bought himself a new laptop at the beginning of May (it is more like a suitcase, but apparently it is still a laptop – except with a 20″ screen, removable bluetooth keyboard, mouse and a built in webcam etc.) Apparently, it also has an incredible graphics platform.

    So, he was sold on it. It arrived. Since? Well, never ending problems! He was trying to configure it and the bluetooth keyboard uninstalled itself so he couldn’t do anything to get it working again without buying another keyboard to plug in. He had it replaced for a new one but that one did the same thing! So, he is now on his third laptop in less than 2 months! Oh, and he installed antivirus software which said the MOUSE WAS A VIRUS.

    Another thing was Dell said it wasn’t covered under warranty – so it was only luck that the middleman he bought it off was willing to replace it! Grr.

    So, yeh, anyway, BEWARE OF DELL, PEOPLE.

    Jen, good luck with the new laptop. Printer, scanner, copiers are also extremely cool – I bought one and played with it for weeks :-) xxxx

  2. Jamie

    June 30, 2007 4:02 pm

    Sidney has an HP and I’m jealous. Now I’m jealous of you too :)

    Dell sucks.

  3. Mel

    June 30, 2007 10:12 pm

    You know, Trent and I have actually had decent luck with Dell, but I won’t be buying another after this laptop dies. My first laptop was from Dell and it was only 4 years old when it crapped. Ok, that’s old in computer land, but whatever. I HAD bought the extended warranty on it and accidental coverage — within months, I had spilt cranberry juice on it in my dorm room. :p They sent me a brand new laptop. Lucky for me, my model had just expired, so I got the new model. Then JUST before the warranty expired, the hard drive crashed and I was able to get that replaced. After four years, though, it stopped charging the batteries. Nothing was wrong with the batteries. It just didn’t recognize that I was connected to an outlet at ALL. My warranty was already gone and the support wasn’t helpful. They THOUGHT it was my motherboard and that it would cost almost $200 just to send it in and have them look at it.

    This time around, I went with a new/open box model. A few hundred dollars cheaper than buying a brand new one.

    It’s given me a few problems and I’ve had to reload Windows a few times. I think that the problem is mainly virus/spyware related.

    Ok, this is long enough…. :D

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