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myspace vs facebook

I’m not exactly a huge follower of them-there new-fangled ‘social’ websites (ha! I’m so old) but I have had a profile at MySpace for a while, just to keep in touch with some friends from high school and college. Earlier this week, a college friend emailed me a request to sign up for Facebook (which I’d never even visited before) so I clicked the link and signed up.

I just have to ask: WHY is MySpace so much more popular?!? Facebook is so much… less ugly. Ninety-five percent of the profiles I view at MySpace give me a headache with all the blinking and weird fonts and horrible colors (here comes the Design Snob in me!) Facebook isn’t as customizable.. but really, does it matter?

Either way, I prefer my own space here, but I like the two sites for being able to find old friends and classmates. When I find someone I haven’t thought about in years, it’s like finding a little prize! But really… I think MySpace needs to work to de-uglify their whole site. heh.


  1. My thoughts exactly. People kept telling me to get Facebook and/or MySpace, and I finally caved to the Facebook only recently. MySpace gives me headaches too… It’s a perfect example of what happens when people, with no thought for design, have a web site. It looks like the first web site one creates at GeoCities or Tripod (maybe I am dating myself by mentioning those sites?) using the predefined templates and editor.

    Mar 22 10:44 am

  2. Jen

    I think having only predefined templates would be a huge step forward for MySpace! hehe And yes you may be dating yourself by mentioning Geocities and Tripod.. but I started at Geocities myself back in 1997 so I guess that dates me as well! :)

    Mar 22 10:46 am

  3. Gina

    That’s exactly what I think about Myspace, I hate the site! It is so overloaded with ugly graphics and everything. Facebook is easier to use, nicer to the eye, and no annoying banners everywhere. The only reason behind Myspace being so popular was that anyone could join…on Facebook you had to have a college e-mail address in order to join because it was limited to college students. They opened up to everyone a few months ago.
    P.S. – love the new layout :-)

    Mar 22 12:16 pm

  4. mel

    facebook is GREAT!! my space has gotten rather annoying and i barely log on anymomre. i like facebook and have found more people there than on myspace anyway…

    Mar 22 12:18 pm

  5. MySpace is fugly, but I use it a lot just because literally ALL of my friends and family have one and it is easy to keep in touch.

    You need to check out I think the design snob in you would love it!

    I’m, however, my profile looks like ass b/c I haven’t had time to fool with it yet.

    Mar 22 2:18 pm

  6. MySpace was originally more popular because Facebook was limited to students at colleges. If you didn’t have an official college email address, you couldn’t sign up. They have since opened it to everybody.

    Mar 22 2:25 pm

  7. I just heard of Facebook this week. I “googled” it and found out I was blocked while at work. I’m with you on myspace…it gives me a headache most days! I just drop in from time to time…usually when it’s not blocked @ work.

    Mar 22 3:22 pm

  8. Ohhhh… facebook is THE most addictive thing on the whole planet for me right now! I agree with you wholeheartedly, MySpace is UGLY! I don’t have a MySpace, facebook used to be a bit more “classy” hehe… but now I have caught up with even more old friends! Facebook is much easier to use anyway… ahhh, I spend so much time on there, I think it is sending me subliminal messages or something!

    Mar 22 3:23 pm

  9. Facebook is amazing! It’s a bad distraction when you’re attempting to do coursework, though :)

    Mar 22 7:15 pm

  10. I am definitely a facebook girl, very anti-myspace! we can be facebook friends if you want

    Mar 22 8:35 pm

  11. You’re right in saying that Myspace is so messy! I don’t like it too. Actually, I find all thes social networking sites silly. One wouldn’t have time to do anything else if we spend all our time on them. :P

    Mar 23 12:14 am

  12. Facebook is addictive! Be warned and prepared to waste unnecessary hours on it!! But, it’s great fun discovering old friends and seeing what they’re up to…

    Mar 23 8:58 am

  13. I think it’s because Facebook used to be a closed social networking site — You could only sign up if you went to a university or high school and you had to have an e-mail address from your school. They only just recently opened it up to the public — I’m sure in a few years it’ll blow MySpace out of the water ;)

    Mar 23 11:33 pm