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conversation snippets

Jen: I think I’ll get a shower now, maybe the hot water will feel good on my hips. They’ve really been bothering me today. Sometimes it feels so good to let the hot water hit them and loosen them up.

Dan: And let the hot water cascade over your moo-ness.

Jen: I’m hungry! Why am I hungry? (looks at clock) I guess it’s been 2 hours since I ate, and I only had a sandwich. And some chips. And a few chocolate covered pretzels. And a fruit cup before all of that.

Dan: Yeah, and it’s snowy outside and covering up the grass, so it’s probably harder for you to find your food out in the yard now.

Jen: You know, you pick on me an awful lot about this pregnant thing, and I can’t even get mad at you. Because you’re actually FUNNY. I hate that you’re funny.

Dan: What can I say? You’re my muse. My moooooo-use.


  1. mel

    Cute. :) VERY cute.

    Jan 27 8:24 pm

  2. So long as you think it’s funny, that’s all that matters! :)

    Jan 29 1:41 pm