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don’t mess with a hormonal pregnant woman

So do you remember those dishes I ordered? The ones that came last week, broken? We took them back to the store last week one evening (Dan had to carry them in for me, ’cause ya know, I’m all big-bellied and everything) and they accepted the return and ordered me a new box that would be shipped immediately to my house. I even got $20 off because they gave me free shipping and a 20% in-store discount, even though the original order was online because they didn’t have this particular set in my local store. SCORE!

The new dishes arrived today.


Can I just say: I am NOT dragging my 7 1/2 month pregnant ass back to the store (in the snow now, thank you Mother Nature) to return them AGAIN. I am calling them tomorrow and giving them 2 choices: 1, they can come to my house and get them. 2, they can just send me the one replacement plate I need (which I don’t think is possible, because that’s what I asked last time… it’s an all or nothing thing, apparently) At this point, I don’t even know if I WANT the dishes- it’s like they’re cursed or something!!! Maybe I should take this as a sign?

Normally this kind of stuff doesn’t bug me all that much. I usually can see things in perspective (GAWD, Jen, they’re only dishes!) But, as I mentioned, I’m fat and pregnant and probably a bit hormonal and really, all I do is sit at home and work by myself and talk to my cats and my expanding belly all day and have grown quite accustomed to my relatively drama-free existence (which yes, I know that will be ending in under 90 days…) so this bit of drama is just too much for me to handle. I am IRRITATED. At the UPS guy. At the store. At the fact that I’m holding off finishing organizing my kitchen cabinets until I have my new dishes so I can figure out where everything is going to fit when we have bottles and baby stuff to deal with in there.

So really, the root of my anger is actually because I CAN’T ORGANIZE MY KITCHEN. heh.

Anyway. Grr. I’m done now.


  1. mel

    Maybe they don’t now how to pack them right? :) Oh, sorry to hear that ANOTHER dish is busted. I’d be calling them, too! :)

    Jan 25 10:13 pm

  2. mel

    PS: where did the links go? i always use your list to browse some of my favorite sites. yes, i’m too lazy to make my own. :D

    Jan 25 10:15 pm

  3. GO YOU! I’ve been there – well, not in that exact same situation, but I’ve felt that HORMONAL ANGER. GRR. And hey – like I posted on my site – I think it lingers if you breastfeed. Nahhce.

    Anyway, I agree. They SHOULD have someone pick it up from you. Bastards. :P

    Jan 26 1:42 am

  4. Claire

    Hehe… I get enraged about things like that all the time and i’m not even pregnant! I would say, just make a few demands on them, threaten a big complaint and they will do something about it. Use some legal jargon – that usually works!

    However, about organising your kitchen – don’t do it! I decided to do mine the other day – oh my god, the mess, it was awful! I was sitting in the middle of the floor thinking, why, why, why did I do this? Then again, when I finished, I did gain a cupboard and two drawers which were previously crammed full of junk… then, the satisfaction was immense… so, maybe, yeah do it… :-)

    Jan 26 5:26 am

  5. Jen

    Claire-I’ve been doing it in small chunks so hopefully it won’t be too bad :) I did one of the long tall cabinets next to our fridge (I installed pull-out wire drawers that I WANT TO MAKE OUT WITH, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!) and then our walk in pantry. All that’s left to organize are the main cupboards and drawers, which is a big job… but it needs done soooo bad! We have so much stuff we never use that I’d love to get rid of which will hopefully free up some space :)

    But yeah… it’s a scary, big job! When I had the pantry emptied out, there was so much stuff everywhere. I was worried I was going to trip over something and tip over because my belly has be a bit off-center at times.. hehe..

    Jan 26 9:18 am

  6. Jen

    Mel- hm, must be something with the upgrade to WordPress 2.1 I did last night… I’ll have to investigate! Thanks for letting me know :)

    Jan 26 9:19 am