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I kind of already did one of these ‘looking back on the year‘ things, but this one is a bit more related to my blog, kinda like how the lovely Janet did. Meaning, I’m going to be surfing through my archives and reading what I’ve written in the past year. And since I can’t think of anything interesting or decent to write about lately, this is what you get! :)

January 2006
We had just booked our trip to Italy, so I was busy reading up on all-things Italian, and also cleaning out our extra bedroom (wow, do I know how to start the year off right!) Dan and I were huge geeks and apparently not very sophisticated communicators (but it’s effective, nonetheless!) We nearly had heart attacks with every other Steeler fan across the nation, and a week later we were on our way to the Super Bowl (okay, so the players were on their way… but it felt like WE WERE GOING!)

February 2006
Steelers Win! We finally finally finally friggin’ finished remodeling the bathroom. I got high on Starbucks (someone can’t handle her caffeine, ahem.) I felt old. After the Super Bowl win, February was kinda boring, no?

March 2006
I tried the whole online weight-loss blog thing again, which lasted like a week I think (the link in that post is broken now) It worked so well 3 years ago when I lost almost 25 pounds… but for some reason I couldn’t get it going this time. Dan tried to be encouraging though (?) Our cat broke our dryer. I continued to have dumb blonde moments, despite having totally naturally brown hair. I made lists of random stuff and called it a ‘blog post’. We scored an XBox360 for CHEEEEEEAP (cue geeky-nerd laugh/snort here)

April 2006
I took the lazy bloggers way out and had you lovely visitors ask me questions in order to come up with ideas for posts. Unfortunately, I got sick and it made me dumb, apparently. I paid off my car! Then I REALLY got sick, probably the worst 2 days EVER. Later that week, I turned 27, which must have made me panic or something, because I suddenly had all kinds of questions about things. We did lots of Spring Cleaning-type work around the house, and I almost chopped Dan’s finger off in the process. It was official: we were going to Italy.

May 2006
I had a mystery: The Case of the Reappearing Eye Glasses Screw. Then…. we left for Rome (BEST. VACATION. EVER.) We came back… why is coming back from vacation so darn HARD? At least I got a new couch when I got home! I started a whole series of Italy recaps (which actually went well into July, because I suck and was a slacker about the whole thing)

June 2006
I took pictures of the new couch and we celebrated 4 years of marriage. I chopped my hair off, again. Dan taught me about housekeeping. I fought with CSS (we made up shortly after) I lived for the weekends, especially long ones.

July 2006
Oh July. The month of change. I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed and pretty much like I was losing my mind 90% of the time. Dan got a horrible case of food poisoning and our laptop was broken and nobody would help us (Dell, you suck.) I came closer to making a decision about work (yeah, I know it was like ALL I TALKED ABOUT on my blog for about 6 months… sorry about that!) We cleaned out the office and extra bedroom in preparation for new carpeting, and I played the role of domestic goddess and baked something. Then I finally got some balls and QUIT MY JOB. Two days later some uglyness happened with the job thing (that post is protected) but let’s not dwell on that, shall we? The end result was the same: I was my own boss. To celebrate, I redecorated!

August 2006
To celebrate my new-found Freedom from the Working World, we bought a new desk for MY office. And after the previous few weeks of craziness, The Universe decided it would be fun to add to the insanity: TWO PINK LINES. Suddenly I wasn’t myself and I was tired and sick and wow isn’t it fun being pregnant?! (though really, it could have been much, much worse) Our laptop got fixed, which was a GODSEND, because I couldn’t sit at the desk for more than 20 minutes without feeling exhausted. And as much fun as it is to slack off when you’re self-employed, if you don’t do the work… you don’t get paid!

September 2006
I got new glasses, a haircut, and took my first pregnancy belly picture. Dan and I marked 10 years of being together. Apparently I developed a love of citrus fruits while pregnant. We heard our baby’s heartbeat for the first time.

October 2006
I promised never to wear leggings or skinny jeans– so far so good (though I guess needing to wear maternity clothes makes it a bit easier to stick with that promise!) I developed a ‘pregnancy glow’… or something. I rented a baby doppler because I’m paranoid and a bit of a control freak. Dan and I proved once again that we are made for each other. I started to get a *TINY* baby bump (which at the time I thought was oh-so-huge.. HA!) And again with the pregnancy grace and femininity. Dan started a new job and I got some more organizational stuff for the house!

November 2006
Good Lord, I cannot believe I was actually able to post every single day for an entire month (NaBloPoMo) What literary gems did I share with you all? Oh, my cats played with their crap on the steps. Then they opened our kitchen cabinet and pulled out packets of Cream of Wheat. I started to whine about sleeping on my side (STILL HATE IT. STILL THE ONE THING I CANNOT WAIT TO BE DONE WITH IN APRIL.) We saw a picture of our Baby for the first time- and learned that it’s a girl! Dan was very brave and messed with a pregnant woman’s food. Speaking of food, I posted a new recipe I tried (which is something I keep meaning to do again but you know… I SUCK.) I learned that having a cold while being pregnant is not very much fun (who knew!?) But I tried to look on the bright side of things: I felt the baby move for the first time this month! And suddenly, almost overnight, I looked PREGNANT. I got back on the scrapbooking thing (still trying to get caught up!) Dan tries to be manly and build a fire. Could he BE any cuter? My butt started to hurt, I picked out the bedding for the baby’s room, and Dan felt the baby kick his hand for the first time.

December 2006
Dan had fun with a breast pump. We bought ourselves an early Christmas present in the form of a glorious 46 inch LCD HDTV. Christmas festivities began. I picked on my poor, defenseless cat (yeah right.) We had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends- I heart my family.


  1. janet

    January 8, 2007 2:39 am

    this was very fun to read. we both had quite eventful years (although for very different reasons!). Here’s to 2007!

  2. mel

    January 8, 2007 5:33 pm

    My year was such a blur. I can barely remember everything that happened. :p

  3. Jen

    January 8, 2007 5:47 pm

    heh, me neither.. that’s why it’s nice to have a blog to look back on, and go ‘Oh yeah! I remember that!’ :)

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