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just trying to avoid pink overload

So this baby thing is getting closer and closer. Which means I need to get my pregnant butt moving on getting her room ready. Which means I need to pick paint colors. Which means first, I need to figure out what I want the room to look like. Which means I need to pick bedding.

After spending a large part of yesterday afternoon researching the dizzy-ing array of crib bedding online, plus the ones I saw at Target and Babies-R-Us a few weeks ago, I have it narrowed down to a few that I like best. And, even though this will probably backfire and I’ll end up more confused than before, I’m looking for some opinions and help from you! I’ve kind of decided (at least for today, tomorrow I’ll probably change my mind) but I’m leaving it open for a bit longer in my mind, just in case. You know, because I’m horribly indecisive.

First, let me explain my ultimate goal: Not Too Much Pink. I like pink, don’t get me wrong (the current blog design here makes that pretty obvious) But I’m not into frilly or too girlie or anything that looks like Pink Threw Up. I’m not planning on painting the walls pink, at least not completely pink, or Pepto-Bismol pink. So the bedding I’ve picked out gives me room to play with- I can go with yellow or green or cream or something else on the walls, giving some balance without making me and the baby feel like we’ve been wrapped in pink cellophane or something.

So without further ado, here are the pictures, in no particular order. They are all from different places and have quite a range of prices (kept secret to avoid bias in your opinions) Of course with a bit of research I’m sure you can figure out where they came from, heh (click on them to view the larger version)

Bedding #1 Bedding #2 Bedding #3 Bedding #4

Leave your opinions in the comments! :) Thanks much, my Lovely Internet Friends!


  1. I like choice #1 the best, with choice #2 coming in second. I love, love #1 and would have considered it for Aivlene, but I am a freak and I have to have all pink, all the time. Hey, I have two boys, so I get the pink where I can find it!

    How much fun!

    Nov 27 6:18 pm

  2. MissBehave

    I really like #1, too. It’s so nice to not be bombarded with pink and the colour scheme in #1 is really feminine without looking like a place where pink tutus go to die. I’d love something similar for my own baby, and I am totally with you on not having a huge pink overload.

    Nov 27 6:22 pm

  3. Amy

    I love #1, definately #1…

    Nov 27 8:05 pm

  4. Laura

    I like all of them. #3 stuck out as the most unique. But #1 is sweet and probably most like what I would pick.

    Nov 27 8:06 pm

  5. Okay they are ALL cute. But, I like #2 best.

    Nov 27 8:47 pm

  6. Pei

    i love #3 the best…absolutely classic and quite beautiful (without being toooooooo girly).

    Nov 27 9:09 pm

  7. kellie

    I like #2 the best. It might look nice with sage walls to avoid the pink overload. Also, the bedding is shown with white cribs. Are you planning on a white crib? The bedding might look different with a wood color crib.

    Nov 27 9:27 pm

  8. In order of likeyness:





    You are making me want a baby!!!!!

    Nov 27 9:28 pm

  9. Mel

    This is the order I like them in. The tulips are so unique. :)

    Nov 27 9:57 pm

  10. I loooove number 3. Please get that one!

    Nov 27 10:15 pm

  11. Or number 2. That one is also gorgeous. (Sorry for extra commenting).

    Nov 27 10:16 pm

  12. Jennifer

    I love #1, but #3 is also very pretty.

    Nov 27 11:39 pm

  13. I love #2 then 3, 4, 1.

    Nov 27 11:45 pm

  14. I’m digging 1 and 3. I loved this one at Target – but, they don’t ship to Canada… bleh. I did get the toybag there though – my SIL shipped it from Virigina. It’s cute :)

    Nov 28 12:27 am

  15. hoya_saxa08

    I love 3 and 4. I’m not a fan of number 1 at all, but number 2 is cute. :)


    Nov 28 1:55 am

  16. I love the third one. It s very chic and elegant, yet sweet.

    Nov 28 4:33 am

  17. Claire

    Hmm… they are ALL lovely! I like number one and number three… as for having to pick? I think #1 is a really different design, and #3 is very stylish! So either of those for the crib itself ‘cos you can always get different bedding sets right?

    Nov 28 6:37 am

  18. Priscilla

    I like #2, the colors are really vibrant and really nice together. I like #4 as well but the colors seem sort of dull, I don’t know…it’s different though.
    I like #1, it’s really different than what most people would choose.
    So, yeah, I’m of no help….sorry!

    Nov 28 7:10 am

  19. Priscilla

    Have you seen Target’s MiGi 6 pc. set in pink? It is so adorable…sorry no link, I’m lazy today! It has pink but not an overload and it’s just darling. Check it out!

    Nov 28 7:46 am

  20. Sunshine

    I like #2 — but #3 is something she could grow into.

    Good luck!

    Nov 28 7:48 am

  21. Tough choice–you have great taste, and they’re all nice! But I love #3… it’s really uncommonly beautiful, and not too babyish, so she could grow into it like Sunshine said.

    Nov 28 9:55 am

  22. Leslie

    DEFINETLY #3 – I want it for myself! HAHA

    Nov 28 12:15 pm

  23. Judi

    I like #1 and then #2.

    Nov 28 1:23 pm

  24. 2 or 3! I think that 3 is a little bit grown up for a child, but I’m attracted to the fabric. :)

    Nov 28 2:00 pm

  25. meganlc

    tulips and peach sorbet (I think that’s 3 and 4), definitely

    Nov 28 2:14 pm

  26. I LOVED the tulips. They were pretty and pink without being too much.

    Nov 28 3:31 pm

  27. I love number 3!!! It looks modern but still cute and classic!

    Nov 28 4:02 pm

  28. Definitely #4! :D

    If not #4, then I’d have to go with #1 as a second choice.

    Nov 28 4:05 pm

  29. Grace

    NUMBER 3!!! So pretty and classic; the style will last forever :)

    Nov 28 7:19 pm

  30. Chelsea

    Oh, the third! I love it. Please say you’ll at least tell us where you found them all. Not that I’m married or planning on having a baby anytime soon, but hopefully they’ll still be making it in, oh, ten or so years. ;)

    Nov 29 11:50 am