apparently I’ve got everyone fooled

One of my female coworkers just called me to try to recruit me for the company co-ed softball team. She usually plays, along with another female co-worker, and both of them are VERY pregnant at the moment. So they are looking for some replacements.

And she thought I WAS AN ATHLETE.


How hilarious is that? She said that she thought I looked like I could be a softball player or an athlete! That’s awesome! I told her it was very sweet… I had to control myself and not burst out laughing, because that is just funny. I only played 3 sports in my life: cheerleading (yes,it’sasportsoshutup), track/cross-country (which is basically just walking fast and doesn’t require much coordination), and volleyball (my senior year and I pretty much just sat on the bench because… well, I was terrible at it.)

I’ve never been much for organized sports for several reasons. One, I’m just really not that competitive. If we win, yay, if not… oh well, better luck next time (this of course goes away if I’m watching Steeler football, in which case all bets are off and you better STEP OFF, BITCH.) Two, I’m not good at the whole ‘hit the ball/get the ball in the hoop/catch the ball/aim for something’ thing. Cheerleading was about I could do- I can do the dancing thing, and even a bit of the gymnastics thing. But if it involves a ball, forget it.

So that is why I found it quite amusing that someone thought that I looked like an athlete. heehee I will say, I’m quite flattered! Even if my stomach hurts from laughing so much.

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