Lazy and tired, so a list.

+ weekend with friends
– baby puke on my shirt
+ baby giggles and 1st birthday cake all over baby’s face
+ staying up late playing games with friends
– staying up TOO late
+ dinner at my parents’ house last night
+ touch football game in the semi-warm/still pretty cold weather
– sore muscles from being out of shape and falling on my face twice during the game
+ I caught a touchdown and a couple of passes
+ lunch today with my husband; Applebee’s Buffalo Chicken Salad.. mmmm…
– laundry to fold and put away when I get home
– paying bills last night
+ realizing that we need to take MUCH less out of savings to pay for our trip than we thought
– semi-sore throat today…
+ not too much work to do tonight when I get home from work

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  1. edie

    March 7, 2006 3:21 pm

    WOW! I didn’t know about this website.I musta missed something. I’ve been going to your livejournal site for months waiting for you to come back, HA! Well I’m glad I found you. I’ve mised the heck outta reading your posts :)

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