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Lordy, am I ever living for Fridays. Here’s this week’s Friday Forum.

1. How often do you read? I try to read regularly, I almost always have a book I’m currently reading. It sometimes takes me a while to get through them though, because I only seem to find the time before bed… and I can usually only make it through a handful of pages before I start falling asleep. But if we’re going on a trip and I can manage to avoid carsickness, I will read as well.

2. Who are your favorite authors? I don’t have a particular favorite… recently I read a series of John Jakes books (mostly Civil War/early American fiction) He’s a great story-teller. I’m not too picky about the author, as long as the story’s good!

3. What genre most interests you (For example, suspense, romance, horror, contemporary, etc.)? I like romance usually :) I’ll admit it! But not the cheesy Harlequin ones… something with a backdrop, some history or something around the romance part of the story. I like a good mystery now and then too. But I would say that historical fiction is probably my favorite (yes. I know. DORK.)

4. What elements of a book most appeal to you (character development, plot, dialogue, etc.)?
I like everything really. I love good character development and plot. In a book I don’t think I really notice good/bad dialogue as much (I think that’s usually more evident in movies and tv) I don’t like books that drag on and on for pages, giving super-minute detail about one thing or a single event. I’d rather use my imagination to fill the gaps, and just move on. I get bored.

5. Do you buy books written by celebrity authors? Why or why not? I haven’t in the past, but I wouldn’t rule it out. If it looks interesting, I’ll read it. But I rarely buy books at the bookstore. I either borrow from friends/family or get them at the library book sale ($5 for a whole bag, etc) I would like to join our local library soon, actually- I’ve nearly exhausted my book supply at home!


  1. Judi

    March 10, 2006 1:31 pm

    Jen: My all-time favorite book is “Beach Music” by Pat Conroy. Give it a try–I know you’d love it!

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