best laid plans

Today was going to be a day of work. I haven’t cleaned my house in 3 weeks and it’s getting rather disgusting. Then this afternoon was to be spent washing my car, which hasn’t been cleaned since July (other than the rain, which doesn’t count). And it’s nice out today! Sunshine! 60 degrees! Whoohoo! It’s a day off and a day for catch up around the house.

But oh how plans change.

We were eating breakfast and watching an episode of Six Feet Under (loveyouNetFlix) to ease into our weekend when we heard a crash coming from the basement. Immediately I looked over at the steps and saw our orange cat, Scotty, looking a little freaked. Gracie was no where to be seen.

Dan went downstairs to investigate… a few seconds later I heard some cussing and he yelled ‘Get down here!’ This is what greeted me.

destruction destruction destruction destruction

Someone (ahem… Gracie. There’s no way Scotty could have made it to the top of steps from the time I heard to sound to the time I saw him. He’s fast, but not that fast.) knocked over the container of laundry detergent. Of course, it was just opened last week, so it was nice and full. And heavy… so I have no idea how she managed it. But she did.

It wasn’t just all over the dryer and on the floor and under both the washer and dryer, either. It was splattered everywhere, looking like a Smurf crime scene:

destruction destruction

Now, you’d think this would be enough to send someone over the edge. 9:30 Saturday morning, cleaning up a nice fun mixture of kitty litter that got swept under the washer and sticky, smelly, soapy laundry detergent. But really, I was okay. Pain in my butt, but it could always be worse. Right?

In all the fuss, Gracie got freaked out and jumped up into the basement ceiling. She likes to hide in a space up there when she gets scared or if a stranger comes over or if Scotty is trying to eat her again. While I was cleaning up the mess, the basement light went out. Thinking it was the bulb, Dan changed it. Didn’t work. We tried turning on the dryer. Nothing. We tried the other room in our basement and the power was working in there… so it wasn’t the whole house. (turns out our upstairs bathroom light was out too… we still can’t figure out the mystery that is the bizarre wiring in our house…)

After testing a few other things, the only conclusion we could come to was that Gracie knocked a wire loose in the ceiling while she was climbing around up there. GREAT.

Then she jumped down from in the ceiling and knocked a bunch of games down onto the floor. Then I got MAD. I started yelling and threw some stuff out into the main room of the basement. (Oh did I mention I’m also having my period and have been fighting a cold all week? Little cranky.) Dan started laughing and made a horrible joke about it really being a ‘cat-astrophe’. I wanted to hit him. Or throw a sticky paper towel in his face.

So now we’re trying to figure out what to do. I hesitate to call an electrician because it’s ridiculously expensive to have them just walk into our house. But I don’t know much about electricity and Dan doesn’t know much more. He’s gone now to meet my uncle to pick up a couch we’re getting from him for downstairs, and he’s also picking up more paper towels for me (I used up the 4 rolls I had in the house- so I can’t even finish cleaning the mess until he gets back) He’s going to ask his dad to see if he has any suggestions or knows what we can do to try to figure out the problem with the electric.

Tomorrow is laundry day and Jen won’t have any clothes to wear to work Monday if I can’t do laundry. I’ll have to drag my butt to my parents house on my day off and do laundry there… when I have a million and 1 things to do HERE. Plus I have some freelance projects to catch up on, because I got behind this week when I was feeling sick.

ARGH. Now Gracie is in here, rolling around on the floor, purring and trying to be cute so I’ll pet her. She has no idea what she just did!!!!

How can cats be so destructive? I never, ever have heard of such things.

Well I’m off to get a shower in the dark.


  1. Stephanie

    March 13, 2006 11:29 am

    I can’t believe how much trouble your cats get into!! Ever since day 1 you’ve had such pesky cat stories to tell.. They’re always hilarious but I feel bad for you.

    The way my cat pisses me off is on the weekends, when she’s in our bedroom (awake before we are), getting on my dresser and knocking down my hair ties (elastics, etc), and batting them across the floor while her little bell is jingling jangling… She also likes to get into our bedroom garbage to play with the fabric softener sheets or bunches of hair I’ve taken out of my brush.

    This weekend I had enough of her waking me up with her stupid bell that I took her collar off.. But that’s all the punishment she got.. :P

    Poor Jen. I think I’d FREAK if I had a mess like that to clean up after my darling little “Angel”.. heheh

  2. sabrina

    March 15, 2006 7:43 pm

    Ick. this is a beautiful illustration of why I don’t like cats. ;) Good job keeping your cool for as long as you did (especially considering you’re already PMSing), though!

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