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dreams are weird

How should one react when a male coworker tells you that you were in his dreams last night?

It wasn’t said in a perverted way, just a matter-of-fact way.

‘Hey Jen… you were in my dreams last night.’ while shaking his head. ‘Dreams are weird.’

Very odd. But it led to a discussion about how dreams in fact ARE weird. I don’t hold anything against him about it. But it was a little random.

And no, I didn’t ask what the dream was about. And he didn’t explain. I think I’d rather not know. ;)


  1. There’s really like a fine line between being friendly and being flirted with between co-workers, and I’ve had similar things happen lately. Odd!

    Dec 2 8:03 pm

  2. I used to dream about my bosses ALL THE TIME, and it’s not like you think. It was always some random situation and they were there. I think it’s because I was stuck with them for 55 hours a week. It got to be a joke, “Hey Corrie, did you dream about me last night.” I have freaky dreams though…

    Dec 3 6:14 pm