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here’s to great weekends

+ playing my video game all night on Friday
+ sleeping in until 9:45 on Saturday morning
– having to do some work Saturday morning
+ getting that work done in a few hours and not having any more for the whole weekend!
– tearing out tile in the bathroom and discovering giant holes in the wall behind it
+ learning how to fix it (love my mom and dad!)
+ dinner out with my husband before the Penguin game
– the Penguin game
– cleaning the house on Sunday morning
+ having a clean house
+ going to my parents’ house for the Steeler game
– Dan staying home to work on his Master’s project
+ Dan being almost done with his Master’s degree
the Steeler game
+ going for a walk with my mom and sister before dinner
– realizing I am incredibly out of shape- how did this HAPPEN?
+ homecooked meal from Mom: ham, cheesey potatoes, freshly baked bread
+ still thinking about vacations
– still having no idea where to go on vacation
+ realizing this is a GREAT problem to have!
+ being able to breathe again after Cold From Hell 2005
– tomorrow is Monday
+ I only have to work until Wednesday!


  1. That site for Mongolian Jeans was really nice! Great job :)

    Nov 21 11:29 am

  2. Jen

    hehe thanks :) I actually didn’t do the design for it- she had it already done! All I had to do was code it and create the PHP gallery for her. So it was an easy one, which is always nice!

    Nov 21 11:33 am

  3. I’m so glad you had a good Thanksgiving. And that your husband can graduate. And that you had an awesome time at the Japanese place :)

    Nov 25 9:35 am

  4. Kellie

    Sometimes I have the same problem with my littermaid where it keeps sweeping. (Eventually causing motor burnout.) I have to watch to make sure my husband doesn’t fill it too full with clean litter. Scooping by hand is never fun!!

    Nov 27 6:54 pm