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Haven’t told any good kitty stories in a while…

Saturday night I climbed into bed (Dan was already asleep after being with his parents all day, helping them clear out his grandma’s house and get it ready to sell) I looked into my closet and saw Gracie sitting on top of my shoe organizer, all snuggled in on top of my sweatshirt. She very obviously favors Dan over me, so having her choose MY sweatshirt to sleep on made me happy. She likes me! She really likes me! I got up and leaned in to pet her, and she purred. AW.

I read a few pages of a book I’m reading before I started falling asleep. I leaned over to turn off the light… and I see Gracie CHEWING ON THE STRING OF MY NEW SHIRT I BOUGHT FOR WORK. It’s a cardigan-type thing, and I spent more on it than I have ever spent on a shirt (like $30, yeah not a lot but for me it is! It was for work so I rationalized it that way) I’ve only worn it once, since it’s long sleeved and it’s been too warm to wear it yet. I jumped up and yelled at her, and she ran away. I tucked the strings up for good measure.

The next morning we were putting laundry away (yeah I know, how fun!) I was telling Dan about it, and I went over to the closet to show him the strings… and one of them was WAY shorter than the other. And it was missing the end detail of a little flower thing. I looked down on the floor.. and there was the rest of it. Chewed straight through.

Dan flung himself on the bed, laughing hysterically. Oh yes, so funny. Just because she doesn’t like me anyway, and the one time she was actually acting like she might like me, I had to yell at her. So she got back at me in the middle of the night and chewed the whole thing off. She does that to all of their toys too, anything with strings. She gnaws on them until they break. She’s a cat-puppy.

So now I have a really nice shirt that I need to fix. I can’t decide if I should cut the other one to the same length and just knot the ends (and forget about the cute little flower adornments that were there) or what I should do. argh.

They also decided on Saturday to knock over my lucky bamboo in the living room, scattering little rocks and dirt everywhere. And it also broke off a chip on the pot they were in- a pot that I made in my pottery class last fall. The first pot I made that didn’t look like a 4 year old made it. argh.

So yeah, this was a weekend of ‘Torture Mom’ for the kitties.

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