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For some reason, this Friday took forever to get here. Here’s today’s Friday Forum:

1] If you could ask any world leader [living or deceased] a question, who would you choose? What would be your question, and why? How do you think that person would respond? argh, I always hate these ‘if you could ask/meet/have dinner with anyone in history’ questions. I can never think of a good answer. So I will choose to be a dork and not answer.

2] Do you tend to question things often? Why/why not? Would you consider yourself an analytical person most of the time? I am pretty skeptical about certain things, so I do question a lot.. maybe not necessarily out loud, but to myself. I question things like ‘magic’, knowing that there is an explanation somehow, somewhere. So I guess that would make me analytical, yes.

3] Have you ever had to interview someone for some reason, such as for a newspaper or magazine article or a class project? Who was it, and what was the subject of your piece? Did you enjoy interviewing them, or did you feel nervous about asking them questions? No, I’ve never done anything like that. (wow, great answer Jen)

4] Do you mind when people ask you personal questions? Are there any topics that you just prefer NOT to discuss? Why/why not? No, I don’t really mind at all. I’m pretty much an open book. I tend to get ‘diarrhea of the mouth’ too, so look out if you ask me questions. I will just keep talking and talking and talking….

5] Which type of test questions do you prefer … multiple choice, short answer, fill in the blank, essay, etc.? Why? When you take tests, do you often second guess your answers or just go with your initial gut reaction? I think I prefer multiple choice.. I like having clear-cut decisions. Short answer/blanks/essay.. too much subjectivity and room for error. And I’ve always gone with my gut.. in college especially, I was almost always the first one done in exams. Not because I was the smartest or anything.. but I wouldn’t dwell on stuff. I figured if I didn’t know the answer within a few moments of reading the questions, I’d never know it. So I’d think it through best I could in a few seconds.. then pick one. I hardly ever went back to check my answers. Which probably explains how I ended up with a not-so-hot QPA.. but, what are ya gonna do? I’m not using the degree now anyway, so what’s it matter?!? heh

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