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Fridays rock my world, baby. Especially Fridays before a THREE DAY WEEKEND. I think I might cry, I’m so excited.

1] Summer technically ends on September 22 (the autumnal equinox). But when do *you* consider summer “over”? Is it when the kids go back to school? When Labor Day arrives? When it’s September? When your summer vacation ends? When your weather starts turning cooler? Well, since I don’t have kids yet to send back to school, I use Dan. He started his last grad school class on Monday. That pretty much solidified the end of summer for us. Labor Day is the other ‘mark’ in my mind.

2] Have you enjoyed Summer 2005? Why/why not? Is there anything that you would have liked to do but didn’t? What was a highlight of your summer? Wow this summer. So much going on, so many changes, inside and out. My sister getting married was by far the highlight of the summer. The week before her wedding I also quit my job of 4 years and started a new one- a new career, actually. Going from one geekdom (science) to another (computers/webdesign) heh. I wish I could have relaxed more… it was so crazy with all that stuff going on, plus my business is really starting to take off. So I basically feel like I’m on a merry-go-round, just trying to hang on and not fall off onto my face. WHEEEE!

3] Do you have any plans for Labor Day weekend? What about your September calendar … what do you have going on this month? Plans for the weekend: finish painting our deck tomorrow, party at my sister & brother-in-law’s apartment on Sunday, then I think dinner at my parents on Monday. I’ll also be trying to finish up a few sites I’m working, and also getting started a few more. The cycle continues…

4] If you could make summer last forever (in other words, it would be the only season you’d experience for the rest of your life), would you do it? Why/why not? Nah, summer is not my favorite- too HOT! I like Fall and Spring the best.. of the 2, I would pick fall. But just fall up until the middle of October.. after that, it might snow! heh

5] What do you like most about fall? What are your favorite autumn foods and treats? I love the leafy smell and the cooler weather. Bonfires. And Halloween. :)

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