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7 quick takes: beach vacation edition

7 quick takes: beach vacation edition

1. A 9-to-10ish hour drive to the Outer Banks took us 16 hours. We left at 2:45am on Saturday morning (two weeks ago, on the 12th), thinking Oh! This will be great! The kids will sleep and when they wake for breakfast, we’ll be more than halfway there! People do it this way all the… KEEP READING »

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I take pictures.

  • mmmmmmm
  • Modeling her new shoes we had to buy because she won't stop growing. (But whyyyyy with the black socks, child? Whyyyyy??)
  • Dirty look from the baby because I locked the garbage can. Am worst mom ever.
  • Boldly ignoring my repeated requests "SIT ON YOUR BUM PLEASE"

I read books.

A Savage Wilde: The Trail

I pin things.