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I kicked a hammer.

I kicked a hammer.

No, that’s not a euphemism. I really did kick a hammer, back in October. I was stupidly not wearing shoes while hanging shelves in the girls’ room and I had tools all over the floor and boom, kicked a hammer. It was my left foot, my big toe, the same foot in which I suffered… KEEP READING »

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I take pictures.

  • Fun holiday activity of cutting paper snowflakes with the girls involved a meltdown from Maggie & Audrey cutting her lip with scissors & everyone being sent to bed early. Literally, tears and blood were shed. Over paper snowflakes. It looked a lot more fu
  • First time getting 100% on spelling, reading, & grammar, all in the same week. #mombrag
  • Cleaning out the school papers from the kitchen file & SNORT LAUGHING. WAIT FOR IT, WAIT FOR IT...
  • School is closed because of ice the last day before Christmas break? Time for some morning chores! Organizing the DVD cabinet! (I'm not totally mean, she was supposed to finish it last night but I let her play with friends instead.)

I read books.

A Savage Wilde: The Trail

I pin things.